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SCOUTPRO — 240 Watt Powerbank That Fits In Your Back Pocket


🎯 Simply the Most Powerful Powerbank Ever Made. 200w PD laptop / phone / tablet fast charging, MagSafe compatible & Apple Watch charging

ScoutPro is the swiss army knife of power banks. Meet ScoutPro, by INTELLI, the ultimate all-in-one portable power bank. ScoutPro, the latest innovation in charging technology, is compact, lightweight, and has up to 200w of power delivery. ScoutPro lets you charge anything, anywhere. Even laptops.

ScoutPro charges laptops, tablets, smart phones, smart watches and just about anything else. The built-in universal wireless charger is MagSafe compatible; all powered by next-gen graphene batteries.

With up to 24000mAh of power, ScoutPro has you covered, providing enough juice to keep you productive and focused throughout the day. With ScoutPro, you can take fast laptop, tablet, speakers, cameras, GoPros, headphones, drones, Nintendo and phone charging anywhere you want!

ScoutPro features a MagSafe compatible charger, and smart watch charger, supporting wireless charging for any smartphone, AirPods, and Apple watches. It also features three built-in power ports, meaning you can charge up to 5 devices at the same time!

Leaving on a jet plane? No worries with ScoutPro! Domestic and international airlines almost universally limit the maximum airlines safe battery capacity to 100Wh. Both ScoutPro packs a big punch that falls just under 100Wh limits. You can travel fully charged and worry free with ScoutPro.

With up to 200W of power delivery, ScoutPro was designed with your MacBook in mind. With ScoutPro, power worries will be a thing of the past. With ScoutPro you can double your battery life!

With dual 100W PD ports, ScoutPro has enough juice to charge just about any laptop on the market. Simply add-on their universal Laptop adapter and you’ll be in portable power heaven.

Need to charge up fast? With ScoutPro’s intelligent chip design, you can recharge your iPhone at max speed, up to 8 full charges!

Want MagSafe Compatible wireless charging? ScoutPro has you covered there too, with a built-in 15W MagSafe Compatible wireless charger.

No cable, no problem! ScoutPro is a complete power station with a built-in MagSafe compatible wireless charger and separate Apple Watch charger. The wireless charger can charge any phone up to 15w that will work with any phone and even AirPods.

Always forgetting your Apple Watch charger? ScoutPro has you covered there as well. With a built-in dedicated Apple Watch charger, you can recharge at full speed without the need for an extra adapter or cable.

Not only does ScoutPro charge your devices at max speed, its internal batteries can be charged at max speed as well. When paired with their available 100w GaN charger, you can fully charge ScoutPro in approximately one hour!

Don’t have a 100w charger? No problem. ScoutPro will recharge from your existing USB-C laptop or tablet charger too.

In a world constantly demanding us to plug in, a device’s battery life can make or break your start to the day. ScoutPro understands this; with three built-in charging ports a MagSafe compatible wireless charger, and Apple Watch Charger, you can charge up to 5 devices at once.

► SCOUTPRO — 240 Watt Powerbank That Fits In Your Back Pocket

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