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RS30 — Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel And Pedal


🎯 Enhance your sim-racing with the most torque-per-dollar wheel designed by a F3 pro racer

Feel the adrenaline and push your limits as you navigate the circuit in the most realistic, pro-grade racing simulator to hit home gaming consoles.

You’ll feel authentic force feedback when taking apexes, on uneven terrain, in under/over steer situations, while drifting and more. Plus, anti-backlash tensioning keeps the wheel and pedals tight, maximizing your control.

When you want the most realistic sim experience, you look to the pros. They took advice from SCCA Touring Champion, Kevin Chen, and leveraged his professional racing experience in GP2, British F3 and WTCC, to create one of the best sim experiences in the market.

After countless hours spent examining performance vehicles, transposing measurements of seating positions, and carefully selecting the best real-world traits for sim gaming, RS30 was born.

Every component of RS30 is expertly designed to ensure that you get (and can afford) the most realistic racing experience from the comfort of your own home.

RS30 Ultra Wheel & V3 Racing Pedals are not for the faint of heart. The powerful force feedback with 6Nm peak torque, spring-loaded pedals, and ergonomic adjustments transport you to the track-without flattening your wallet.

Priced with the best dollar to torque value, this sim system takes your rig (and experience) to the next level for a fraction of the price of comparable high-end sim systems.

The RS30 Ultra Racing Wheel is multifunctional, offering two switchable options: the 900-degree setting provokes a realistic professional racing simulation, while the 270-degree setting provides more of an arcade-style fast turning experience.

Whether you’re a race car driver who wants to lay down some serious track time or a casual gamer looking for that arcade feel, RS30 has you covered.

RS30 Ultra Wheel easily mounts onto your rig or clamps onto your desk with the steel and plastic mounting clamps.

The internal computer chip’s firmware is upgradeable via USB connection to a PC.

Its smooth, suede cover feels like the real deal in your hands and prevents excessive sweating while giving it the look of a high-performance race car wheel. The body is made of steel and plastic for maximum durability.

The premium, steel pedals are engineered with spring suspension for a progressive brake and throttle feel that accurately mimics real-life pedal forces. The aluminum paddle shifters utilize non-contact sensing technology to engage instant gear shifting, while also supporting longevity and reliability.

The pedal frame introduces the sensation of foot well limits, emulating the unique perspective of real-life race cars.

Sit back and get comfortable, V3 pedals are fully adjustable with options for pedal height, position, travel and resistance. In addition, there are 9 different lateral positions to find your sweet spot between upright and reclined.

They implemented a Zanardi-inpired steering wheel that allows you to own the game without using your feet whatsoever! The two analogue lower shifter pedals can be used to assign 4 main functions for the throttle, brake, clutch and handbrake — eliminating the use of the pedals.

► RS30 — Pro-Grade Force Feedback Sim Wheel And Pedal

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