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MUTRICS ARIC — An Open Source Ar Device For Developer


🎯 All-in-one AR solution from hardware to software

The age of augmented reality is upon us. Engineers, industrial designers, mechanics, salespeople, filmmakers, doctors, and other professionals desperately desire a device that could recreate their vivid, otherworldly dreams into an immersive experience that can be appreciated by all.

Mutrics strives to lead the way in AR development to seamlessly overlay virtual imagery on the physical environment. They proudly present to you their newest “Toy”, the Mutrics ARiC, a complete open-source tool that provides developers with an all-in-one AR solution.

Included in the Mutrics ARiC is futuristic hardware and powerful software for maximum customizability of your augmented reality.

The Mutrics ARiC creates an interactive experience for users by allowing the visualization of a 3D module to be controlled via hand gestures you defined.

Game developers can create fun, inventive ways for gamers to play their game using AR capabilities. By using cameras, IMU sensors, and hand tracking, a small cyber city can be built in a room. Utilizing the 6 degrees of freedom, markers could provide enough information to allow the game to connect with the real world.

► MUTRICS ARIC — An Open Source Ar Device For Developer

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