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FLECTR 360 OMNI — The Bike Reflector With 360 Degree Reflectivity


🎯 This brilliant bike wheel reflector with 360 degree reflectivity protects you in the dark.

FLECTR 360 reflects car headlights wherever they come from. Sideways, from behind or in front — simply from ANY direction!

It magically turns your rims into gapless shining retro-reflectors. Its overlapping design also doubles its reflective power.

Enjoy gap-free visibility from any viewing perspective. There is no other wheel reflector that offers this plus in safety.

Cycling can be safer without sacrificing the style & performance of your bike. FLECTR 360 OMNI offers a maximum of technological performance.

Road, commuter, e-bike or MTB — the new FLECTR 360 fits oval, round and even sharp-edged rims from 26" and above with a maximum of 32 spokes due to its exceptional elasticity and its special adhesive formula. Furthermore, it matches almost every type of rim.

The reliable application of a prismatic film-based reflector onto a 3D curved rim is a challenge which can't be mastered with standard materials. Higher elasticity means that the new FLECTR 360 offers an even wider range of applications — even on critical rim profiles.

FLECTR 360 OMNI is an eco-friendly product because it requires Less Than 10% Of Raw Materials compared to conventional bike reflectors. Looking at the consumption of plastics for the manufacture of bicycle reflectors world-wide, we are talking about a possible annual saving of thousands of metric tons of plastic by the use of a film-based reflector.

After using the FLECTR 360 OMNI for many years, it can be recycled like any other plastic product.

A bicycle reflector can only be made of synthetic materials — this makes it fundamentally not sustainable. BUT: A reduction of over 90% in the use of plastics makes it the best possible safety accessory in terms of environmental friendliness.

► FLECTR 360 OMNI — The Bike Reflector With 360 Degree Reflectivity

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